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Dmitry Pigrov

Name: Dmitry Pigrov

Date of birth: 02-Jun-1989

Nationality: Russian

About Me

Hello! My name is Dmitry. I graduated from Moscow Financial-Industrial University "Synergy" with a degree in Business Informatics, and then received additional education (Moscow, London) in project management and marketing. Almost seven years I work in the development of self-service systems for subscribers of telecommunications companies, I manage the MTS Self-Service System.

Now, I am developing the direction of the blockchain in the company "Mobile TeleSystems", exploring the possibilities of applying the appropriate models and technologies in current projects. The blockchain consultant, I conduct seminars and webinars, the co-founder of IEC ("Independent Expert Company"), specializing in rendering services to municipal and state institutions for the examination and evaluation of various facilities.

I possess such skills as management of internet projects, negotiating, budgeting, web analytics, business correspondence and communication, concluding contracts, team management. My strengths are multitasking, ability to quickly switch between projects, willingness to gain new knowledges and use my experience in new directions. I’m proactive, responsive, communicable and technically competent. Automation is everything. I’m a champion of Moscow on powerlifting.

My responsibilities are the management of complex integrational projects and projects with the budget of more than one million dollars, organization and conduction of meeting, presentations, interaction with internal and external customers, development of applications, quality control and timing of the company’s projects.


crypto-currency| blockchain | ICO | trading | bitcoin | ethereum | running | powerlifting | reading



Internet projects
Negotiating & Communication
Web Analytics
Business correspondence
Concluding contracts



Moscow Technological Institute

Master of Business Administration


Moscow Financial University

Business Informatics


Work Experience


Mobile TeleSystems Marketing

Head of Self-Service Systems

• Team management of more than 10 people: team planning, training, development, motivation and involvement of employees.
• Conducting seminars and webinars, training on blockchain. Study and research of the possibilities of applying blockchain in the company's projects.
• Management of complex integration projects with a budget of more than 20 million rubles; projects for the implementation of self-service services for users; projects related to RBS Bank.
• Manage internal and distributed development teams. Organization and holding of stand-ups, meetings, as well as presentations.
• Interaction with internal and external customers, analysis of tasks coming from customers. Quality control and timing of the company's projects.
• Guidance for the preparation of tenders, monitoring of results, organization of the team.
• Organization of high-quality communication between departments, management of working groups and project teams.
• Coordination of the process of development and support of web sites, landing pages, mobile applications, banners, electronic mailings: writing and coordination of technical tasks, interaction with contractors, control of performance, reporting.


Mobile TeleSystems IT Technology

Project manager

- the scope, risks and quality of the project;
- Scope of tasks and the project schedule;
- the budget and the suppliers of the project;
- distributed teams of more than 10 people;
Responsibility for the quality of the project is the provision and control of timely, high-quality work performance, the coordination of the testing scenario and the launch of the project. Presentation of projects on the management committees and the management of the Company.



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Location: Moscow, Taganskaya sqaure
Phone: +7 (916) fifty-fifty-600

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